Our journey through the dynamic and diverse cannabis industry is nothing short of electrifying. The Smoke Currency Tour has unveiled the vibrant tapestry of the cannabis sector, showcasing the various facets of the industry from grassroots movements to high-end dispensaries. Our visit to Winwood Organic Dispensary was a deep dive into the heart of cannabis culture, witnessing the amalgamation of tradition and modernity in the world of THC and CBD. The insight gained there was invaluable.

Then, there was the enlightening experience at PSI Labs. Here, science meets cannabis, offering a unique perspective on the meticulous processes and innovations driving the industry forward. The blend of rigorous testing and passionate cultivation you witnessed underscores the balance between quality and creativity in cannabis production.

At the United Green Office and The Detroit Lounge, you saw the industry’s commercial and community aspects. These visits highlighted how cannabis businesses are not just about sales but also about creating spaces for education, experience, and social connection.

Seed Celler, in contrast, opened a window to the future of cannabis, where the focus is on genetic development and sustainable practices. This aspect of the industry is crucial for its evolution, ensuring that as the market grows, so does the quality and variety of products available.

Our encounters with local bars added a unique flavor, illustrating the social acceptance and integration of cannabis into mainstream culture. This integration is a testament to the industry’s growing influence and acceptance.

As we gear up for Jersey, the anticipation is high. New Jersey’s evolving cannabis landscape, especially with the emergence of players like Simply Pure,New Jersey promises to add another layer of depth to our understanding of the industry​​​​. This leg of the tour is expected to bring new insights into recreational cannabis use, regulatory frameworks, and market dynamics in a state that’s at the forefront of cannabis legalization and innovation.

The Smoke Currency Tour is more than just a journey through different cannabis markets; it’s a deep dive into the soul of the industry, exploring how cannabis is reshaping lifestyles, economies, and cultures. Stay tuned for more from this electrifying  tour!