Frequently Asked Questions

Can The High Country Girls team build out an entire company and brand from scratch?


Can the THC GIRLS scale a company that has been existing authentically and Organically with a allocated budget from the client?

YES !!

Can the THC GIRLS scale a company with out a budget


Can the THC GIRLS start or scale a company with a small budget?


What is plant powered?

Being plant powered means you come from a plant touching environment and have had exponential growth.

When staffing a THC Girl, does that mean Sanja, Kj, or the executive team will be showing up to work too?


When signing up for any of our Programs, does that mean we can contact and request work whenever, however?

No, we have scheduled weekly calls where we set expectations to follow through on.

What does Best Bud Mean?

That means you have chosen the THC Family to work with for a Consulting Package for the best business guidance.

When working with the THC GIRLS Programs can I bring people to my calls?

No! There is a rare case we will allow this but typically no.

Is it okay to reach out to the THC GIRLS network without professionally addressing it with the Team?

No! We address that we honor a non circumvent to each party regarding being professional and not going around each other’s resources.

Will the THC GIRLS promote my sexy/ Nude photos?

NO !!!

Can I promote Only fans or anything sexual on the THC GIRL pages or App?

NO !!! We will ask you to respect our Brand and DO NOT tag us in anything inappropriate online.