THC Girls photoshoot at the Marijuana Mansion

Our team had a thrilling journey at the renowned Marijuana Mansion in Denver, Colorado. Led by the talented photographer FlicksbyP, the entire team converged from various corners of Colorado and beyond to capture scenes for their upcoming music video, the THC Girls Anthem. Never been to the MJ Mansion? Prepare yourself for a fun-filled adventure through this whimsical and enchanting location, complete with uniquely themed rooms, hidden doors, and a captivating glow-in-the-dark aesthetic.

As the THC Girls

MJ Mansion

Power Duo at the MJ Mansion

stepped foot into the Marijuana Mansion, they were instantly transported into a world of vibrant imagination. Each room boasted a distinct theme that added a touch of eccentricity and creativity to the photo shoot. From a psychedelic room with swirling colors to a retro-inspired space filled with vintage memorabilia, the mansion provided the perfect backdrop for its visuals.

One of the most exciting discoveries at the Marijuana Mansion was the presence of hidden doors leading to a secret room. The team couldn’t contain their excitement as they stumbled upon this hidden gem. With a mix of anticipation and curiosity, they ventured into the secret room, which was adorned with mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark elements. The atmosphere was electric as FlicksbyP skillfully captured the essence of this magical space, adding an otherworldly element to the photo shoot. The music video captures the team dancing to our song and having a great time smoking and drinking as they celebrate their hard work!

The THC Girls’ photo shoot was not only a visual spectacle but also a testament to the power of teamwork and collaboration. Despite coming from different locations, the entire team came together seamlessly, bringing their individual talents and energies to the table. The shared passion for their craft created an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement, which translated into stunning visuals captured by FlicksbyP.

The primary objective of the photo shoot was to capture scenes for the upcoming music video, the THC Girls Anthem. The team carefully choreographed each shot, ensuring that the energy and spirit of the music resonated through the visuals. With the Marijuana Mansion as their playground, they transformed every frame into a testament to their artistic expression and love for their craft.

The THC Girls’ photoshoot at the Marijuana Mansion in Denver was a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience. The combination of unique themes, hidden doors, and a captivating glow-in-the-dark aesthetic created a magical atmosphere that brought out the best in everyone involved. With FlicksbyP behind the lens, the team successfully captured the essence of their music and the vibrant energy of the marijuana mansion. As we eagerly await the release of the THC Girls Anthem music video, let us cherish the memories and marvel at the behind-the-scenes journey that brought this captivating project to life.

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