In the rapidly growing cannabis industry, it takes a unique blend of expertise, determination, and passion to stand out among the competition. My name is Krysta Jones, and I am a branding expert and the proud founder of THC Girls. My story is an inspiring journey of hard work, resilience, and success in the cannabis world. Learn about my entrepreneurial spirit, the groundbreaking THC Girls App, and how I maintain unwavering motivation in this ever-evolving industry. If you want to hear a full interview about my business – check it out here with CANNA CURIOUS!

The Serial Entrepreneur in Me

Krysta Jones serial connector

Krysta Jones serial connector

Throughout my career, I have established myself as a serial entrepreneur within the cannabis landscape. I’ve embarked on ventures spanning cultivation, processing, retail, and brand development, and these opportunities have taken me across the United States. With each new endeavor, I have always brought an unparalleled work ethic and unwavering integrity, which has helped me earn the respect of my peers and cement my position in the industry. Networking, building relationships, and effective communication have been pivotal to my enduring success.

The THC Girls App: Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry

One of my most notable achievements is the launch of the THC Girls App, a mobile tool that connects models, content creators, artists, business owners, and service providers within the cannabis industry. This innovative platform has completely transformed the way professionals in our field connect and collaborate. Together with my dedicated team, I have created a space where individuals can come together, share their expertise, and thrive in an environment that fosters growth and mutual support.

Flexing Skills and Meeting Diverse Needs

One thing that sets me apart is my ability to adapt my skills and knowledge to cater to the demands of both large multi-state operators and the craft cannabis community. Drawing on my extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of the industry, I have successfully bridged the gap between these two distinct sectors. Through collaboration and strategic partnerships, I have created opportunities for individuals and businesses to thrive, irrespective of their size or resources. Inclusivity and empowerment are at the core of my approach, and I always credit my team and encourage collaboration.

Inspiration and Knowledge: Making an Impact

Beyond being an entrepreneur, I aspire to be a source of inspiration and knowledge for countless individuals in the cannabis industry. My personal journey serves as a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and staying true to oneself. By consistently delivering value to my team and clients, I have paved a path of success that inspires others to follow their dreams and make a difference in their respective fields.

Maintaining Motivation in a Dynamic Industry

Navigating the cannabis industry can be challenging due to its ever-changing landscape. However, I have managed to maintain my motivation and drive throughout my career. The secret lies in my unwavering passion for the industry, my dedication to my team, and my continuous pursuit of knowledge and growth. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and industry insights allows me to remain at the forefront of the cannabis space, consistently delivering innovative solutions to the challenges I face.

My journey as a branding expert and founder of THC Girls is an inspiring example for entrepreneurs and professionals in the cannabis industry. Through hard work, dedication, and adaptability, I have become a respected figure, building bridges between diverse sectors and creating opportunities for collaboration. The THC Girls App stands as a testament to my vision and commitment to empowering individuals in the industry. As the cannabis landscape continues to evolve, I remain a steadfast source of inspiration, knowledge, and motivation for those looking to make their mark in this dynamic field. Together, we can shape the future of cannabis.

Thanks to Ashley at Canna Curious for having me on her podcast and letting me share my journey. Check out this podcast with the FULL INTERVIEW about my Journey!