You can’t sit with us radio by L. A Ambitious  and Que

In this episode L.A. Interviews Krysta Jones and Sanja Ganja of the THC Girls. Tune in to hear the latest and greatest of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and find out some tips and secrets to being in the Cannabis industry. Krysta Jones The Owner operator of The High Country Girls aka The THC GIRLS has been in the Cannabis space for well over the last decade. Krysta has an extensive background in Cannabis start-ups as well as Cultivation. She has worked all throughout Colorado project managing and consulting on projects from production all the way to marketing and Branding. In 2014 Krysta started the THC GIRLS a Marketing and Branding company that catered to the Cannabis space. Krysta created this company to fil the void of providing marketing tools to the Cannabis space since at the time there were no traditional outlets and resources for Cannabis businesses to use to Market products with, and it is still very much Limited today. Upon running the THC GIRLS and doing events Krysta met Sanja and quickly recognized her hustle and passion for the industry! Over the years Krysta and Sanja Have teamed up on Projects across the Nation in both THC and CBD consulting and building full-blown million-dollar companies from scratch! Sanja Ganja, assist with operations for the THC GIRLS and is the Marketing Director of the Company and has helped build the services they offer today. Along with helping Krysta run the

THC GIRLS and all the Projects, they consult on. Sanja has a Cannabis Discussion podcast called The Sanja Ganja Show which airs on High times Television, Spotify, and many other platforms. Sanja has an extensive background in caring for patients and running dispensaries. She has contributed to many of the well-known cannabis brands across Denver known today and across the nation. Since connecting over events and collaborating on promotions Krysta and Sanja have been able to hold Board seats, coach tons of entrepreneurs in and out of the space, and host events around the nation. Recently the THC girls have launched a new app where you are able to connect directly to their exclusive network of influencers and go-getters.  You can download the THC GIRLS APP in both the apple and google play stores now! You can find out more about Krysta Jones at Kjones. life You can find out more about Sanja Ganja and The Sanja Ganja Show at You can find out more about The High Country Girls aka The THC GIRLS at Follow us on all platforms @thehighcountrygirls #THCGIRLS Threshold Brace Productions Presents: “You Can’t Sit With Us” radio show for the dopest independent, unsigned artists, producers, and entrepreneurs in music and entertainment. Interviews from some of the best at what they do, and also will talk different topics in entertainment.

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