MaiJah Baker

Milliken, Colorado

I’m MaiJah Shaye. I am 20 years old. I’ve always had an entrepreneur spirit about myself.
I am a professional model and advocate for all people to have kindness towards one another. I have been a victim of unkind words and treatment from my peers. I would like to reach out and help and encourage others to stand strong and know they are worthy of a beautiful life.
I have been fortunate that I’ve had parents who have encouraged and supported me to better myself both inside and out.
I have a real passion to develop my modeling career and have had many opportunities to participate in up and coming music artists videos, tattoo promotional videos, and have worked with several photographers. I would love to continue my modeling career as well as continue the success that I’ve experienced as an entrepreneur creating residual income. I am excited to expand my career and see where this industry will take me!