We Are The High Country Girls Aka The THC GIRLS

Let Us Connect The Dots For You To
Create Rapid Growth

THC Girls are Plant Powered!

Heavily invested in enabling the culture to THRIVE!

With decades of experience, we have been able to pivot and maneuver in this ever-growing Industry. 


  • Marketing strategy & Research
  • Implementation & Functionality
  • Lead Public Relations
  • Content Curation & Project management Organic Advertising
  • Authentic community building
  • Communications & Product development
  • Driven sales with increased revenue through our specialized marketing formulas

Organic Growth

Business Development

Marketing Solutions

Industry Growth

Best Buds

Consulting & Guidance


  • Business direction
  • Automation suggestions
  • Systems direction

Best Buddy



  • Promotions & Branding
  • Staffing & Events


Project Management & Implementation


  • Production optimization
  • System Organization efficiency
  • Staffing optimization
  • SOP optimization
  • Relationship management &
  • Marketing & Branding Alignment
    Not execution
  • Website & Seo Sourcing/
  • Company optimization

Staffing & Events

A La Carte Services

Elevate Higher

Marketing & Branding Events


  • Step by step project management
  • Successful strategy implementation
  • 24 years of combined commercial
    cannabis experience
  • Step by step formulas to be successful
    for the company (operations,
    marketing & Branding, Ads, and
  • Access to nationwide events and
  • Injection in the Cannabis Community

The Highly Connected App

  • The Finest Marketing Tool

  • Networking & Industry Community


  • Available on Google Play store & Apple Store

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  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Industry building and business networking
  • Un-restricted promotions
  • Community outreach-Nation wide
  • Refer & EARN $$