How would you like to learn how to build a Sustainable, GLOBAL BRAND from some of the TOP Cannabis Entrepreneurs in the Space? Learn How we were able to establish not only  a Global Brand but also a Brand for our selfs that hold value as well! Our Plan is to help you do the same

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During This Training, You Will Learn How To:



Build your own brand

Become an authority in your space and have a clear vision of your goals

Actionable Content

Target your audience and organically generate sales and leads

Leverage your Network

Utilize and build the infustruction to leverage your relationships and have a valuable community

See how our team has grown over the years:


The Best Buds Program Hosted By:

Krysta (KJ)

A visionary Entrepreneur with over a decade of Commercial Cannabis experience in multiple markets across the nation.

Krysta is responsible for injecting creativity and innovation in all areas of the Cannabis space. From Cultivation to marketing and branding, her hard work has been recognized by many publications such as Respect my Region, Marijuana Venture, and many more. Krysta was also recognized in Yahoos finest for Top 20 Women in Business. Her work ethics are equally matched with her master’s abilities to cultivate quality in both agriculture and in business.

When Krysta isn’t busy creating businesses from the ground up or implementing strategies to make them successful, she is working on building her in house team of THC GIRLS to help build and guide individually and alongside them.

Krysta sits on the Board of Directors for multiple companies nation-wide.


A fierce advocate and creator for cannabis health and business wealth for over a decade, helping brands reach the maximum potential within their markets.

After dedicating years to her patients & building dispensary retail operations from seed to sale, Sanja continues to be recognized for her influence in multiple successful brands & events that exist today, like the Tommy Chong brand, while also assisting in inventing ERP systems for the industry. While working full time to elevate companies on the rise, Sanja also educates about Marijuana on her Talk Show available on all platforms and High Times TV- The Sanja Ganja Show with over 100k views.

Sanja sits on the Board of Directors for multiple companies nation-wide.

When you Reserve your seat for our Best Buds Training, you will know:


Brand Value


Content that makes people take action


A strategy you can grow with


Authentically growth your brand and increase sales

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When you reserve your seat, KJ and Sanja Ganja will personally walk you through the process of creating your very own brand and consistently generating organic sales and leads.

Even if you have 0 current Social Media presence

Even if you have 0 computer skills

Even of you dont know what brand you want to build

Even if you have less than 10 hours a week to spend on this

Here are the results of some of our previous Best Buds

This training is limited seats to Serious Entrepreneurs ONLY who want to Learn how to create a Brand and generate sales and leads organically online !

Our Next Session is:



February 2023



To personally learn with KJ &/ or Sanja is in the upwards of thousands of dollars, but you get to work with them both for the small investment of $710!