Alejandra Arias

Lakewood, Colorado

Growing up in Miami since the age of five. I quickly began to develop a taste for service, hospitality, entrepreneurship and independence. After playing basketball most of my life I decided to take my skill as a lover of sports and children to a place of value. I started working for the city of Miami as a Special Olympics coach. Although, still working on my side hustle since 2015 as a devoted cannabis entrepreneur. I was able to develop and maintain a brand called "The Sweet Spot." I curated cannabis events, sleepovers, female only sessions and classes, and was able to educate and bring light to the flawed stigma of a "stoner." Shortly after my run as a coach I decided to continue my love for creation, connection and parties, so I began coordinating and curating events in Miami. Events that varied in topics such as; workshops, dance classes, workout classes, CBD events, performance events and private parties. I continued this until I was able enough to operate, own and manage my own 4,000 sqft venue called MC Studios. Throughout the year I was able to curate over 50 shows with creatives in Miami. Beginning of 2019, I made the choice to move to a place that has solidified the ever growing industry of cannabis. To pursue further knowledge in this field where I can be of more service and value brings me nothing but joy. Excited and confident that Colorado will be the perfect piece to the flourishing puzzle of the Life of The Sweet Spot.

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